It starts with a discovery over 200 years ago…

The infamous double slit experiment ushered in what we now know as the “observer effect”.

To understand this blog, our predicament in the world and our selves, we must first understand the Observer Effect and the implications regarding the TRUE nature of reality.

The video below does  a pretty good job explaining the experiment and why it’s so vital to understanding this Universe. In 1803, a man named Thomas Young devised an experiment in order to discover if matter was particles or waves at the smallest scale. It was concluded that matter was waves due to the interference pattern the experiment produced.

However, when technology got better the experiment was revisited, but this time they used a measuring device to measure what was happening, this time when they preformed the experiment, the wave collapsed into a particle and quantum physics was born.

It took a conscious observer to collapse the wave into a particle. Which basically means that mind and matter are not clearly divided and instead actually shade into each other.

Understanding that conscious thought creates your reality is paramount for everything that will follow on this channel.

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