Our Lost Connection and the Effects of Fear

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We are disconnected

Now that you have a rudimentary understanding of what the Sacred Feminine is, it’s important to connect to it, as it is an aspect of yourself that we have naturally been disconnected from (I’ll explain that in a moment). Anytime you are disconnected or shut off from a part of your inner most self, that disconnect will manifest in strange and terrifying ways.

What’s Wrong With The World?

When you look around and wonder “What’s wrong with the world?”, there doesn’t seem to be any one answer. In fact you can get lost in the infinite ways things can go wrong. Most people blame everything from the Corona Virus, Politics, Poverty, Crime, Drugs, Hate, Racism to everyday things like Traffic, Pain, Movies, Cholesterol and Foreign Neighbors. Our fear keeps us hyper focused on the environment, trapped in survival mode. I remember there was even a show a while back called 1000 Ways To Die.

Fear is Addictive

Have you ever stopped to consider that you may be addicted to your fear thoughts?

In nature if an gazelle in the Serengeti feels fear, it has an automatic trigger to Fight, Flee or Freeze. To ensure survival, the animal instincts kick-in and adrenaline is released, which gives the animal the strength and endurance to out run the tiger.

Today, the things we fear are all around us, we can’t out run them. Instead we fall into a sort of learned helplessness, and simply resort to believing that the way things are cannot be changed.

Fear Throws Us Off Balance

Consider again the gazelle, after it out runs the tiger it rests, it doesn’t eat or drink it just sits in a safe place for a while. Inside there is a kind of re-calibrating that is happening. When done, it goes about it’s day as if nothing has happened.

For us the story is quite different. The constant drip of Adrenaline coursing through our veins disrupts everything. Our body chemistry is thrown out of wack, and if not corrected will eventually manifest as disease and illness. We never allow ourselves the time to rest and re-calibrate, and when we do, usually we do it sitting in front of the TV or staring at our phones. This actually makes things worse because as our bodies try and reset, we are flooding our minds with fresh new stimulus and fear.

We Create Fear

Some might disagree with this statement, but I want you to consider that the events that happen around and to us, are simply things that happen.  We add emotional charges to the event and judge it. So for instance, if the event is “you won an award for doing something amazing”, then it’s likely that you will add the emotional charge of “I feel special, and appreciated”. However if the event is “a building got blown up, lots of people died”, then a common emotion we attach would be “terrorists are attacking us, we need to protect ourselves, don’t trust anyone that doesn’t look like us”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t feel, in fact our emotions are a part of the Sacred Feminine that is still working within us. Instead consider the statement above about the bomb, and try to read it subjectively without attaching the emotion, it’s seems impossible, yet  in the next couple of paragraphs I will explain why cultivating this skill is so important.

The Fear of Death and the Fear of Abandonment

These two fears govern most of our fear based thoughts, emotions, and behavior. But consider that these two fears are only products of a conscious imaginative mind. I’m not saying that they are not real or down playing them in any way, but humans are a special type of animal with the ability to graphically imagine our own death. Furthermore Abandonment issues along with many others reside deep within our subconscious mind and color our thoughts and feelings. These levels of mind do not seems to be present in the rest of the animal kingdom. Once the immediate fear of death has passed most animals go back to living life in balance without re-imagining the fear or holding on to it in the form of a mental block. Humans when presented with fear stimuli, will internalize the fear through their emotions, attach meaning to it, and then create more states of mind equal to that fear. This in-turn can stir up more fear emotions, which spur more fear thoughts… in an endless loop.

Fear Keeps Us Disconnected

By engaging in fear thoughts, you keep your focus on the external horizon, so to speak, to see what other threats could possibly come your way. We will go over brain states in another article, but just know that as long as you are hyper focused on something, you by definition cannot be open focused on everything. This open focus is the key to subjecting yourself to the Sacred Feminine Influence. Some of the benefits of this connection are feelings of oneness, connection, intuition, protection, manifestation, better moods, better health, better relationships, peace of mind, and ultimately a sense of being in Love with yourself, your life, your family, friends and humanity as a whole.

The Simple Answer is Mindfulness

By reigning in our minds we keep tabs on our runaway imagination, and thus our perceived fears. We can toss out the fear based thoughts and begin to cultivate the thoughts we want to think. These thoughts will then produce the emotions we want to feel and instead of spiraling down into a pit of despair, we can begin to lift ourselves out consciously.

Constantly living in fear is only one of multiple ways we can choose to be in this world. We can make a new choice and as you begin to connect to the Sacred Feminine Energy, it will aid you in lifting you out of fear and into a more holistic way of thinking, feeling and being. I will continue to go over more examples regarding the why and how this works as we move forward.

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