About 10 years ago when on vacation in Las Vegas, I was walking through the Miracle Mile Mall when I walked past an art shop. Inside where amazing paintings of intricate flowing images of beautiful women with a seemingly other world, mystical quality.

The artist A. Andrew Gonzalez had his work on display, and I spent the next hour in awe of the masterful attention to detail found in everyone of his beautiful paintings that were now engrossing my soul.

I learned that he was painting different aspects of the Sacred Feminine, which intrigued me. Being an artist myself, I was always called to draw or paint depictions of beautiful women, but I always just assumed that it was because I was attracted to them. But with this new insight I was able to go back and actually see that I was also painting the Sacred Feminine in my own way, only subconsciously.

The Sacred Feminine is your Subconscious Mind

For now you can think about the Sacred Feminine as your Subconscious Mind. Over the years I have come to know the Sacred Feminine as a loving, playful, creative energy. Through Meditation and Flow states I’m able to enter my subconscious consciously, and unlock creativity, intuition, synchronicities, healing and even manifestation. Throughout history these different aspects of the Sacred Feminine have been depicted by the various Goddesses, but all of them were alluding to the one Sacred Feminine.

Our ancient ancestors were more connected than we are today. Over the millennia they devised different methodologies to bypass their EGO and commune with the Goddess directly. They used rituals of chanting and dancing, they ingested entheogenic compounds like mushrooms and ayahuasca, and even put their bodies through brutal initiations all to connect to the Sacred Feminine Energy.

We are Trapped in our Ego

Our Ego, or analytical mind, keeps us sealed off from the Sacred Feminine/subconscious. We hyper focus on the news, our kids’ safety, politics, facebook, our looks, our weight, our social status, how much money we make, or don’t make, etc…

We spend so much time focusing on what’s out there that we never take the time to settle the body down, relax the mind and look within.


Here is a taste of some of A. Andrew Gonzalez’s work, you can see more by visiting his website at sublimatrix.com

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