Scotland 1962

In mid October, Peter Caddy was abruptly fired from his job as a hotel manager. To add insult to injury, losing his job also meant losing the hotel room his family had made their home and would have to be vacated within 4 hours. With nowhere to go, Peter, his wife Eileen, there three children along with his colleague Dorthy Maclean, packed a trailer and eventually found themselves a sandy trailer park, on the edge of a windswept garbage dump near Findhorn beach.

With little money, no prospects and winter fastly approaching, the future seemed bleak for the Caddys, but what they had was a connection to Spirit.

On the first night at Findhorn, in meditation Eileen received guidance from her Higher Self, which said, “Although it may seem to be the worst day of your lives, all is very, very well and where you are will become a place of great beauty which “thousands upon thousands” will visit”. Not knowing what to think about this “guidance” they simply just tried to get through the bitter winter.

When spring approached, once again Eileen taps her center through meditation and is told “You are to start a Garden, which will become a center of light that reaches the four corners of the world and it will become a model for the troubled planet.”

In the spring, Eileen’s guidance tells her “They are to start a Garden, which will become a center of light that reaches the four corners of the world and it will become a model for the troubled planet.”

With the odds stacked against them, the Caddys toiled working the land and with nothing more than a desire to feed their family and guidance, the Caddys were able to transform a sandy wind swept garbage dump to an vibrant other worldly garden. As their connection to the Sacred Feminine grew, so did the vegetables until they were multiple times the size of there common garden counterparts.

People would flock to Findhorn by the thousands to see the garden with giant vegetables, and would leave touched by the very atmosphere of the beautiful energy that now encompassed the entire area.

When scientists would come test the soil conditions they would find that it contained no organic matter and retained little mositure. Renowned soil expert Professor R. Lindsey Robb was quoted saying “The vigor and health [of the plants] could not be explained by known scientific, organic husbandry”.

Findhorn founders

Present Day

The incredible garden at Findhorn brought the Caddys world wide publicity.

Eventually the vegetables returned to normal size, but not before the phenomenon captured the worlds attention.

The Findhorn story has been the subject of Multiple best seller books, radio shows, talk shows, Films, and the like.

To this day the Findhorn Foundation continues striving to co-create with the intelligence of nature and to take inspired action toward a vision of a better world.

In the end, the Findhorn story is a story of triumph over despair and hardship, a test and testament of the hearts ability to build an enduring legacy from the most humble of locations.

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Sadly, clear pictures of the real vegetables grown at Findhorn at that time are hard to come by, aside from a few grainy ones, so the image I used as a featured image, references another source attributed here

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